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Lead Program in Oncology: An Opportunity for Targeted Therapy

3-V is advancing a novel program targeting the fatty acid synthase (FASN) enzyme for the treatment of cancer. FASN over-expression is associated with aggressive disease in multiple tumor types (including breast, prostate and pancreatic cancers) and provides an opportunity for patient selection. Our proprietary FASN inhibitors were designed and developed to specifically target FASN and minimize off-target effects. In preclinical studies, our FASN inhibitors have demonstrated potent activity against a number of tumor types, potential synergy with approved cytotoxic agents, and excellent tolerability. 3-V initiated a Phase 1 study with our lead FASN inhibitor in patients with solid tumors in late 2013.

Novel Antiviral Targets Characterized by Broad-Spectrum Activity and a High Barrier to Resistance

Viruses depend on a high mutation rate to develop resistance to direct-acting agents. 3-V’s approach of exploiting a virus’ reliance on the host cell significantly decreases the ability of viral mutations to create resistance. Different viruses requiring the same host proteins or pathways for replication will likely succumb to the same drug, so a single agent that inhibits one of these critical pathways could target all circulating strains of a particular virus (e.g., influenza), including strains that are resistant to traditional antiviral agents. The same drug could potentially be used to treat other diseases caused by different viruses that depend on that same pathway.

Pipeline and Discovery Platform

3-V leverages sophisticated target identification and validation platforms coupled with rigorous drug discovery capabilities to generate novel therapeutics that fulfill our mission of addressing unmet medical needs and improving the lives of patients. 3-V has a diverse set of wholly owned research and development programs providing multiple opportunities for success.